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Wealth, and managing it, are complex endeavors.

Successful families often want to enhance their wealth and preserve a legacy that will last for generations to come. Yet, estate planning generally comes last in the high-net-worth family service cycle, preventing families from realizing the benefits of intentional, holistic planning.

At the same time, Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who work with such families face regulatory burdens that hinder their efforts to advise families in these areas.

We can help.

We work directly with Families having taxable estates to craft comprehensive estate plans.

For RIAs who choose to outsource estate planning and insurance solutions, Stavis Wealth serves as a business-to-business resource.

As an RIA ourselves, we perform all these services with a fiduciary commitment.

Who We Are

Stavis Wealth Transfer Solutions (Stavis Wealth)

is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor specializing in complex estate planning and insurance solutions for families with taxable estates. 

The Perfect Estate Planning Storm

 The Impact of the Sunset

Current law affords every couple an approximately $25 million estate tax exemption. At the end of 2025, this law will “sunset” and nearly halve the current exemption to $13 million per couple, subjecting every dollar above that amount to a 40% tax rate. 

Without intentional estate planning, families with taxable estates face the risk of paying millions in unnecessary taxes. The table below illustrates the estate tax exposure due to the sunset provision.

YearYear End Ages (Married)Gross Estate Tax BaseEstate Taxes Pre-Sunset (Married)Estate Taxes Post-Sunset (Married)

*The assumed rate of growth on the estate is 7%. An inflation adjustment of 2.5% is assumed, however, this adjustment is not guaranteed.

The Hidden Dangers of the Great Wealth Transfer

According to wealth consultancy experts, 70% of wealthy families will lose their wealth by the second generation, and 90% by the third.

This statistic is incredibly relevant today as the United States has just commenced the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  In the upcoming two decades, this anticipated transfer is set to surpass $80 trillion. 

Without intentional estate planning, rather than a seamless asset transition that preserves wealth through responsible asset management, successful families might find themselves on the wrong side of the above statistical trend.

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Meet Kyle McCully

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