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Our Mission

Preserve and Enhance Family Wealth for Generations to Come

All too often, Estate Planning becomes the last frontier in the high net-worth family service cycle, preventing families from realizing the benefits of intentional, holistic planning.

Our Vision

At Stavis Wealth, we aim to redefine benchmarks in multi-generational estate planning and insurance placement, anchored in our core values.

The Fiduciary Standard

Unlike traditional commission-based models, Stavis Wealth operates as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with a fiduciary commitment. This regulatory status means we must abide by the Fiduciary Standard, which is overseen by the SEC and FINRA, and ensures that we prioritize client interests over our own.

This is not a new commitment on our part or us chasing a trend in the industry. We are setting a new standard for the delivery of insurance planning and products. Our founders possess over five decades of fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner™ experience in private wealth management.

Innovation and Technology

The word Innovation is rarely used in the context of life insurance. We want to change that.

We believe that our decades of experience, combined with the use of cutting-edge platforms, creates a new standard of care for one of our clients' longest-term investments. This technology enables real-time information to be provided to clients and their advisors, providing continuous monitoring of policies.

Education and Knowledge Sharing

A well-informed client is in the best position to make decisions that optimize their estate for the benefit of both their families and charitable passions.

This is why we believe it is important to impart our knowledge to educate our clients. Too often advisors use jargon or purposely complicated materials in an attempt to impress or overwhelm clients. We believe in providing highly visual, and easy-to-understand materials, which enable our clients to envision a comprehensive picture of their current and future estate plan.

By layering design techniques on top of that knowledge base, we are able to demonstrate substantial tax savings and better direct assets to our client's chosen beneficiaries.